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Patricia A Griffin

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East Stroudsburg, PA


Patricia A Griffin

Patricia Received the Publishers Award of Excellence, Art of The West Magazine- 2011, at The New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum. Her works have been featured in the Woman's Museum of Art, San Deigo, CA., Old West Museum, Cheyenne, WY., Greater Plains Art Museum, Lincoln, NB., State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA., Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ., Everhart Museum, Scranton, Pa., The Monmouth Museum, Lincroft NJ, Allentown Art Museum, Pa., Dutot Museum, Delaware Water Gap, Pa. She is represented by RARE Gallery, Jackson, WY., Goldenstein Gallery, Sedona, AZ., Going to the Sun Gallery, White Fish MT., Thompkins Fine Art, Billings, MT., Carlspecken Scott Gallery, Wilmington,DE.
Griffin is associated with Oil Painters of America, Women Artist of The West, Daily Painters of Pennsylvania, Western Art Association, Lehigh Art Alliance, Pennsylvania Arts Council, and the American Plains Artists, and she is a Signature Member of Artists For Conservation and International Equine Artists. Griffin's award winning work is collected by corporate as well as private collectors from Dallas to Dubai.

"One of my first memories of being recognized as an artist was in Mr. Snyder's second grade class. I was six and had completed a pencil drawing of an alligator; my schoolmates crowded around the image ohhing and ahhing with excitement.

The second defining moment came in fourth grade. Sister Joanne, with her thick ankles hanging over her too-tight Oxford shoes, held me after school. She had “caught me” with a simple line drawing of a nude on my homework pad; I stood accused of perversion. My mother, who was called in to retrieve me and the sketch, commented with great praise on the image, and my ability.

These moments had a profound impact: I realized that my talent could be used to conjure emotion within the viewer. I was empowered.
It is not only ability, but also commitment, that makes me an artist. I graduated from Moore College of Art and Design in 1989 with a BFA, located in my home state of Pennsylvania. I enjoy the buttery texture of the paint, the intensity achievable through its colors, and the smell of the slow drying process. I utilize the characters of the paint to make a thin translucent layer and bold thick opaque brush stroke. Through this medium and a calculated composition, I breathe the life of my subjects onto linen.

I am in constant awe of the natural world and the beauty that surrounds me. I am drawn to raw areas that have been preserved from excessive development. I am at peace in the untamed wilderness. I am inspired by the life force that connects all things.

I travel consistently to fuel my desire to create. My subjects present themselves to me and I am captivated by their essence and compelled to share the intimate experience. My work is the result of 24 years of commitment to observation of my surroundings; it is energy transferred through color.

I have been influenced by many artists: VanGogh’s energy, Rothko’s simplicity, Rungius’s ruggedness, Emily Carr’s raw emotion. These, as well as hundreds of others both historical and contemporary, have left images etched in my mind. I can not deny the influence of the many that have forged ahead of me, but it is my trips into the last bit of wild that turn the inspiration into image. It is my primal urge to document my passion and observation of what is now so fleeting."

All artwork in this gallery is the original artwork of Patricia A. Griffin. All Rights Reserved. It is for sale, copyrighted to Patricia A. Griffin and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws.


Josh by Patricia A Griffin


PAN by Patricia A Griffin



RISHEKESH by Patricia A Griffin


ROCKY by Patricia A Griffin


WIRED by Patricia A Griffin


Flutter by Patricia A Griffin


MONHEGAN MEAL by Patricia A Griffin


BFFL by Patricia A Griffin


HEMEL by Patricia A Griffin


FLUX by Patricia A Griffin


MOTHER MAPLE by Patricia A Griffin


October Glory by Patricia A Griffin


Boat House by Patricia A Griffin


Cecilia's Hummers. by Patricia A Griffin


BIG MEADOW FOG by Patricia A Griffin


Sunrise1 by Patricia A Griffin


DAM TETONS by Patricia A Griffin


HICKORY TWINS by Patricia A Griffin


A FINE FRIEND by Patricia A Griffin


HARPSTER ISLAND by Patricia A Griffin


CUNNINGHAM CLAN by Patricia A Griffin


FLUX by Patricia A Griffin


PURPLE MAJESTY by Patricia A Griffin


LUNAR AM AT THE WALL by Patricia A Griffin


HANSA LIGHT by Patricia A Griffin


COULTER BAY by Patricia A Griffin


COLONIZED by Patricia A Griffin


FACING ZION by Patricia A Griffin


DILLON PASS by Patricia A Griffin


CUSTER MORN by Patricia A Griffin


SYRINGA by Patricia A Griffin


HEDDY DRAW by Patricia A Griffin